Our Purpose


The You Matter Too Program was founded by Madilyn, Teighan, and Payton - three cousins that know what it's like to have a young family member struggle with countless medical issues. Lucas, the namesake of Lucas' Helping Hands, is Teighan's little brother and the cousin of Payton and Madilyn. 

The three girls understand the life struggles for siblings, family members, and caregivers of childen with long-term illness and disabilities. As a result, they collaborated with their parents to create a program for children, other family members, and caregivers to help them handle the feelings of loneliness, seclusion, and exhaustion during extended hospital stays, through daily appointments and support, and the continuous care that young family members can require.

They decided that they want to send the gifts of love and courage to those that may have similar experiences and feelings so that they know that they matter too! Raising funds to put together gift baskets and engage these family members in fun activities is their mission. Help them out as they learn what it means to give financial and emotional support where it is sometimes forgotten!